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Using metal doors at home

Metal doors include those that are made with Iron, steel or aluminum. A metal door has many benefits that wood doesn't. For instance, it doesn't bend, warp or puff easily and provides ten times more security against intruders than wood does. At the same time, some metal doors cannot match the aesthetic value of wood (although there are some manufacturers that offer very realistic wooden finishes that will leave you foxed).

Hollow metal doors are made of steel and have varying cores such as kraft honeycomb, polyurethane etc. The core determines what application they can be used for. These door designs are known for their high performance in demanding situations and are used in high utility and security settings such as banks, schools, hotels, apartment buildings, malls etc. They also offer a lot of design flexibility, allowing your space to look good at the same time.

Here's how you can use metal doors at home:

For the front door: Use steel doors if you must use a metal door. Steel doors will go well with a modern decor and can be retained as they are, or painted or given a wooden-grain finish. Steel doesn't warp or scratch easily. However it can be dented and therefore you'll need to be careful on that front. Many people have used Aluminium doors, but these don't look as good as steel, require regular painting and are not as sturdy. They may also bend and warp with time.

For fire exits: Using fire resistant hollow metal doors for fire exits would be a wise choice. Ensure that your find a metal door with a high fire rating for maximum protection from fire. These doors contain a fire retardant material that prevents fire from spreading to other areas in the building. At the same time, it causes the door to shut, ensuring safety for the inmates in the building. These are more apt for high rise buildings. When the fire door shuts, there must be no space between the door and the frame. This area must be sealed off with other fire resistant materials too.

Garage doors: Garage doors can be made of either steel or aluminium. While steel is sturdier than aluminium it is also more expensive. In addition, it is also heavier. Aluminium doors are easy to open and close because of their light weight. These doors are also easy to maintain because most go through a process called Anodisation, which prevents them from rusting. You can give these doors various finishes, including moulding, painting and wood-finish.

Global TH1100EDTBARAL Push Bar Panic Exit Device, Aluminum Finish
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Door Replacement

2010-08-30 14:52:43 by KandJWindows

There are many levels of quality of doors, entry level just means that it is the quality and price of where doors start. A "steel" fire door can be considered an entry level door, a flush panel door without panels can be considered an entry level door. You can quickly upgrade a door and its cost. For instance going beyond an entry level door to a fiberglass door, you can upgrade to a decorative fire door, you can even get a firedoor that is made out of knotty alder if you wish. You get the point. The other point is that one company should be able to give you many different choices so that you can decide what best fits your budget and style preferences

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All right, it's a historical landmark and deserves something fairly nice. So spend 15, 20, maybe 30 grand on some beautiful wood doors. Or steel, if there's something appealing.

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C.H.I. Overhead Doors is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality Residential and Commercial Sectional and Rolling Steel doors. Started in 1981 in Illinois Amish Country in Arthur, C.H.I. has risen to become an industry leader in innovation and quality.

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