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Insucel – Insulated Steel Doorsets

The Insucel range of steel doorsets has been developed using various core & frame infill materials and sealing products so as to meet specific insulation performance requirements. The range has been independently third party verified by BM Trada ensuring the performance characteristics of the doorset comply with either current building regulations or new standard EN14351 and future building regulations.


The U-value or thermal transmittance of a building element or component is a measure of its ability to conduct heat from a warmer environment to a cooler environment. With steel doorsets typically being situated on the external envelope of a building, it is clear that their insulation performance is an essential element towards the overall ability of the building to meet its designers and users statutory obligations in respect of insulation characteristics.

Door Type Insulation – U value (w/m2k) Fire Rating
Insucel HC 3.1 w/m2k FD60, FD120, FD240
Insucel RW 2.0 w/m2k FD60, FD120

Technical Excellence

Fitzpatrick offers a total engineered metal doorset solution that provides an effective insulation barrier to buildings where thermal transmittance between areas of those buildings is limited. With complete engineered doorsets, all components are factory-assembled to the closest tolerances and thoroughly checked to ensure that the required performance levels are successfully achieved. Preparation, installation and best practice on site are also crucial elements in the process of providing an effective insulation barrier.

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Orbita ORBITA Cristalo Programmable Watch Winder with Crystal Glass Sleeve Enclosure
Watch (Orbita)
  • Winder with Elegant Black Laquer Base, Mirror finished Stainless Steel Plate, Winding Module and Crystal Glass Dust Cover
  • Programmable Sophisticated Microprocessor Control for winding cycles of 650, 800, 950, 1300 Turns-Per-Day (TPD). Programmable Choice of Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise...
  • Measures 6.5H X 6.5W X 8.5D Operates using the supplied lithium batteries
  • Made in the USA. 2 year warranty for any defects in materials and/or workmanship.

Door Replacement

2010-08-30 14:52:43 by KandJWindows

There are many levels of quality of doors, entry level just means that it is the quality and price of where doors start. A "steel" fire door can be considered an entry level door, a flush panel door without panels can be considered an entry level door. You can quickly upgrade a door and its cost. For instance going beyond an entry level door to a fiberglass door, you can upgrade to a decorative fire door, you can even get a firedoor that is made out of knotty alder if you wish. You get the point. The other point is that one company should be able to give you many different choices so that you can decide what best fits your budget and style preferences

WRITE TEAM: State spending doesn't light my fire  —
All right, it's a historical landmark and deserves something fairly nice. So spend 15, 20, maybe 30 grand on some beautiful wood doors. Or steel, if there's something appealing.

C.H.I. Overhead Doors Introduces New B.I.M. Models  —
C.H.I. Overhead Doors is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality Residential and Commercial Sectional and Rolling Steel doors. Started in 1981 in Illinois Amish Country in Arthur, C.H.I. has risen to become an industry leader in innovation and quality.

Lawn & Patio (Smoke Hollow)
  • Charcoal Box Area: 11 x 11 x 3
  • Power Input: 14,500 BTU/HR
  • Thermometer: Included
  • Water Pan: Included
  • Water Pan Type: Steel Hinged
  • Door: Yes
  • Smoker Box: Cast-iron
  • Grill Racks: Adjustable
  • Number of Grill Racks: 3
  • Grill Rack Types: Chrome

Steel Carriage House Doors With Oak Finish  — Boothbay Register
WinsMor Garage Door Co. Inc. installed 4 10'x8' Model 664 insulated steel carriage house doors with oak finish. We also installed 4 8' Liftmaster 1/2" belt driven electrical openerswit battery back up.

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