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Professional painters can make quick work of a metal door paint job. If you've ever painted a metal door yourself, you've probably found that the pros can make it look easy. The fact of the matter is they often use extremely expensive commercial painting equipment to get the job done right. But just because you're not a pro with a costly spray rig of your own doesn't mean that you can't get a professional looking paint job on your own metal door. By using these three must-have painting tools, you can be sure that you get a smooth and consistent paint job on a metal door every time.

4" Roller Cover

By using a small roller cover to apply the paint to the metal, you can achieve a consistent and smooth coat of paint, without leaving streaks and lines that conventional paintbrushes always leave on metal. Larger paint roller covers just don't have the movement that a smaller roller cover provides. Be sure that when you use this paint tool, you use a small roller to match the cover and you'll have the perfectly painted metal door every time.

4" Stain Brush

Most metal doors are much more than a blank slab. There are often impressions in the metal that shape the doors finish and provide the door with unique style. Panels, window inserts and faux wood grain ensure that a simple roller cover alone will leave runs and drips that can quickly turn any professional paint job into a kindergarten finger painting session. Be sure to use a small stain-grade satin brush to smooth out any drips or pools of paint that collect in the metal doors nooks and crannies. A good quality paintbrush that costs $30-50 is a much better investment than a lower priced brush. You'll get a smoother finish and the brush can easily be cleaned and stored for use on all of your future painting projects.

Patio Cover

You're probably wondering-what the heck does a patio cover have to do with painting a metal door? When you take the door off the hinges and set it on a pair of saw horses, it's crucial to keep the door out of the sunlight. Too much sunlight on a metal door makes it get hot. And when you're applying multiple coats of paint, you certainly don't want it too dry too fast. Not only does a patio tarp keep your door nice and cool in the shade, it can also protect the doors smooth paint finish from falling leaves, blowing dust and flying bugs that love to ruin a paint job.

Pet Door Installation

2009-09-19 12:51:46 by atinylittlebird

Hi.. thanks in advance for any help.
I have a sliding glass door that is a standard height around 80 inches. And I have one of those "easy fit" pet doors that fit to a sliding door. I have used them in the past and they work pretty well.
The problem in this case is that the sliding glass door has a lot of extra railings and guides for the door and for security purposes making it impossible to install the pet door. Its about 1 quarter inch too high.
The top of the pet door has a pair of thin metal guides that slide (adjusting) into place into the door

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