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How to Install Deadbolt Locks in Metal Doors When it comes to installing deadbolt locks in metal doors it's important to line up the holes exactly where they need to be before drilling. The rest is just a matter of inserting and tightening the screws and other pieces. Find out how to install a deadbolt lock on a metal door with tips from a professional contractor in this free video.

URL: Embed: Video Transcript Good day, everyone. I'm Joshua Clement with Lighty Contractors, and today I'm gonna talk to you about how to install a deadbolt on a metal door. Now for this job you'll need a couple things. For this job you will need a battery powered drill with a Phillips tip bit, your deadbolt, and hardware. First thing we're going to do is go ahead and install our deadbolt plungers so we're gonna take it, slide it right into the door, grab our woodscrews, and go ahead and put in the holes. You want to make sure that you don't tighten these too tight cause if you do when you go to look your deadbolt it's gonna stick on the sides of it. So just kind of snug it up a little bit. Now we're gonna take the deadbolt, make sure that the keyed side is facing out and your handled side is facing in. If you notice there's a rod on here and it's actually gonna slide through the deadbolt plunger and into the interior side and it's going to sit in there just like that. That way you can actually lock your deadbolt or unlock it. So were gonna take it and slide through here, then we'll take the interior side and match it up and we'll just twist this plate around wherever we want it to go, line up with our screw holes. Now we'll take and twist this little lever here so that way we can get to our holes. Now we're going to just insert out screws to come into contact with the exterior piece of the deadbolt. After you have them lined up go ahead and grab your drill and tighten them up. You want to make sure you don't go too tight on this because it'll actually restrict the movement of the deadbolt. Now we're gonna go ahead ad test our deadbolt here, make sure it slides nice. Now we're gonna take the key, insert it into the outside, make sure that it's still locking nicely, nothing's prohibiting the movement of the key moving in there. Then we'll shut our door, see how it locks. Now installing a deadbolt on a metal door isn't really that much different than installing it on a wood door or fiberglass door. All you need is the right hardware and your job should be pretty easy. I'm Joshua Clement with Lighty Contractors, thank you so much for watching and good luck with this project.

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You need a New Door Installation..

2013-02-18 13:26:48 by Purple_Reign

If the door is outswinging I would assume they are using a flatbar to pop out the door from the frame. Wood bends.
If you were to Install a Metal door and Frame with security in mind the door would not dislodge so easily from the frame.
You would need to call a commercial door supplier, they could likely do the Installation.
Heavy Gauge Door and Frame with Grout filled frame with Heavy Duty Hardware, Non Removable Pin hinges. A security Plate at the door knob.
get some guuns so you can shoot them as well.
$ 1,000.00 should get it taken care of.

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