Hollow Metal Door Installations

Installing Welded Hollow Metal Door FramesWhat tools are needed for installation vary according to preference. Some installers prefer to shoot down the feet of the frame and so use a Ramset or Hilti. The advantage to this method is speed. The disadvantages are blowouts in the substrate and no adjustability once the trigger is pulled.Installing Welded Hollow Metal Door Frames Others prefer fastening with Tapcons or similar concrete screws and so use a hammerdrill and a cordless. This method gives tremendous adjustability, with the ability to back the screws out entirely if needed. Getting the cordless into position and tightening the screws down securely can often be cumbersome and difficult. If the screws snap off or strip out, fixing the problem can be time-consuming.Installing Welded Hollow Metal Door Frames My preferred method is to fasten my frames down with "mushroom head" drive anchors. All you need is a hammerdrill and an Estwing. This method is fairly fast and has some adjustability before the anchors are driven in completely. What I give up in removability is offset by a very low failure rate, consistency being the key to productivity.

Other tools helpful during installation are a magnetic level (I use a 6’-6” and a 2’-0”), a spreader, a large framing square, a cordless, a tape measure, and snips.

The configuration of the feet of the frame varies with the manufacture. Some are adjustable; most are not.Installing Welded Hollow Metal Door Frames Door clips are the same way. For our purposes I will assume that the feet are fixed (welded in place to the frame) and the clips are single piece, the same depth as the frame. Most frames call for three clips per side.

Before you put the frame in place, lay your level across the opening to see which is the high side. You always want to anchor the high side first. Twist your door clips into place (they should friction-fit), the top ones about 10" to 12" down from the top, the middle ones approximately even with the strike, and the bottom ones high enough to be out of the way of your hammerdrill. Place the frame into the opening. Bend the tabs of your top clip on the low side around the door stud to prevent the frame from falling out of the opening. If the door studs are fastened at the bottom, remove those screws now. Settle the frame into its final position in the opening, checking with your tape measure to make sure the gap for the drywall is equal on each side of the stud. Pay attention to the "squareness" of the frame with the wall. You don’t want the frame twisted in the opening. Scribe a pencil line on the floor around the base of the high side of your frame. This provides a reference if the frame starts to drift when you run the hammerdrill. Slide the studs on the high side of your opening out of the way, and drill your first hole. Drop an anchor in that hole before you drill your second hole on that side. This helps keep the frame in place while drilling. With both anchors in place, check the frame’s position against your pencil marks, push or pull into final alignment and drive the pins down. Move the bottom door clip on that side down to about 18" above the floor. Slide the door stud back over and re-secure it. Align the frame equally on the stud and wrap the door clip tabs around the stud. Don’t screw them off yet.

Installing Welded Hollow Metal Door Frames Installing Welded Hollow Metal Door Frames Installing Welded Hollow Metal Door Frames

You need a New Door Installation..

2013-02-18 13:26:48 by Purple_Reign

If the door is outswinging I would assume they are using a flatbar to pop out the door from the frame. Wood bends.
If you were to Install a Metal door and Frame with security in mind the door would not dislodge so easily from the frame.
You would need to call a commercial door supplier, they could likely do the Installation.
Heavy Gauge Door and Frame with Grout filled frame with Heavy Duty Hardware, Non Removable Pin hinges. A security Plate at the door knob.
get some guuns so you can shoot them as well.
$ 1,000.00 should get it taken care of.

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