Modern exterior metal doors

Milano-14 Stainless

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MSRP: $5500 Our price: $2750* In stockYou Save: $2750 (50%-OFF) Buy WE CAN MAKE CUSTOM SIZESWITH SIDELIGHTS AND TRANSOM

Door Slab 36"x80" $2, 750
Metal Door frame 39.5"x83" $350
Door hardware (2 Long Handles,Hinges,lock,5 Keys) $295
TOTAL (warehouse pick-up) $3, 395
Door Slab 36"x95" $3, 750
Metal Door frame 39.5"x96" $550
Door hardware (2 Long Handles,Hinges,lock,5 Keys) $395
TOTAL (warehouse pick-up) $4, 695

16 gauge Stainless Steel

This is the online shop for those who are looking for modern interior & exterior doors,available in different finish and sizes with contemporary European hardware. Award Winning European interior doors finished in furniture quality veneer (no stain,no paint needed).We sell direct to architects,designers and builders. Over 5, 000 modern doors in stock with 5 day delivery.

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2007-05-07 19:20:03 by slimline

This website is great.
Domes are cheap to heat but:
They are hard to put a roof on. Tremendous waste when using conventional materials like asphalt shingles or metal roofing.
They are hard to get a window or door in. Doors will need what amounts to a dormer and windows too or custom ordered triangles.
Actually, conventional building techniques using standard framing 24 inches on center with lumber and sheathing are pretty green. Keep the house square and put a 5 in 12 hip roof on it. Put the bedrooms on the north, the kitchen on the southeast and the living room on the southwest to maximize natural light

ASSA ABLOY Expands Offering for Behavioral Health Door Openings  — PR Newswire
Ceco Door is the world's leading manufacturer of steel doors and frames. Offering a full line of quality custom and standard hollow metal doors and frames for new and retrofit construction projects in the commercial, educational and healthcare markets.

Blomus Blomus Stainless-Steel Door Stop
Home (Blomus)
  • Elegant but heavy door stop holds even industrial doors open
  • Made of solid stainless steel in matte finish
  • Black, non-skid rubber base and sides protect floors and doors
  • Modern Blomus design brings style and function to the home or office
  • Measures 3-1/2 inches in diameter; weighs 4-1/2 pounds; made in Germany

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