Metal exterior door sill


Photos: The first photo above shows a door swinging in. Water has been running down the door and wicking under the door sweep.03-Doors.jpg The second photo above shows a water-stained carpet. This house was built in 2006. This door appeared to be installed with correct threshold orientation but was still leaking — perhaps a better sweep would have kept the water out?04-Doors.jpg Note the flat sill outside and wood threshold with reverse-slope — a likely problem.

After I have established what type of installation I am looking at, I turn my attention to the threshold, hinges and sweeps.

The Threshold. Look to see if the door even has a threshold — doors with missing thresholds are certain to leak. Check the orientation of the threshold: Does the side of the threshold designed for the outside appear to be on the inside? This is a tell-tale sign of a door hung backward.07-Doors.jpg Outside, look for water collecting on the top of the threshold and causing wood decay in the base of the jamb material – this is common on exposed doors with the metal thresholds and softwood jambs. Also, is the threshold adequately sloped to drain? Finally, look to see if the threshold is level across the width of the door and is well secured: Does the threshold move and flex when walked on? Is it bowed?

Photos: The two photos above are from a house constructed in 2013 — regular interior hinges to the weather and sloped threshold faces inside. I explained to the client that the door appears backward and poses a security risk as well as unpredictable performance. I recommended installing a proper out-swinging door with exterior-rated hinges.

Photo above: This photo shows typical wood rot developing in the base of a softwood jamb where water wicks into end grain.

Photos: The two photos above show a high-end out-swing commercial storefront door. This was very exposed but well-engineered. The sweep on this door locks into the threshold, and the hinges have a weather-proof cover.

The Hinges. If the hinges are to the weather, look to see if they are regular hinges or exterior-rated hinges. Exterior hinges are typically made from stainless steel or brass and are resistant to rust — these are called NRP hinges. NRP hinges cannot have the pins removed unless the door is halfway open; thus they are secure. Regular hinges exposed to the weather are a security hazard – the door could be removed by removing a few pins.

05-Doors.jpg 06-Doors.jpg DoorArticleIllustration.jpg 09-Doors.jpg

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2007-05-07 19:20:03 by slimline

This website is great.
Domes are cheap to heat but:
They are hard to put a roof on. Tremendous waste when using conventional materials like asphalt shingles or metal roofing.
They are hard to get a window or door in. Doors will need what amounts to a dormer and windows too or custom ordered triangles.
Actually, conventional building techniques using standard framing 24 inches on center with lumber and sheathing are pretty green. Keep the house square and put a 5 in 12 hip roof on it. Put the bedrooms on the north, the kitchen on the southeast and the living room on the southwest to maximize natural light

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