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Types of Patio Doors

Patio doors come in a variety of types and styles. By using any or a number of these styles up, you have the flexibility to create a truly custom design that complements your home’s architectural style and helps to define your outdoor living space.

Sliding doors sit on a rail and you slide these doors open and closed. French patio doors sit on hinges and swing open and shut like traditional doors. Bi-fold patio doors fold or collapse on themselves as you open them, allowing for their use in limited space.

What type of patio door you use depends on your home’s design. For example are the patio doors opening to a large outdoor living space that flows from your interior living space? Or perhaps its to be used in a space that leads onto a small balcony? Is it part of a large wall of windows?

Since swinging and French doors need room to open, consider factors such as area and furniture placement before determining which type of door works best for the space. If space is tight, consider using a bi-fold patio doors or doors or sliding doors.

Durability and Material Choice for Frames

There are many different types of patio doors frames. Doors can come in steel, wood, fiberglass and aluminum, among others. On the whole. aluminum, fiberglass and steel doors generally insulate better than wood.

Fiberglass doors are virtually maintenance-free; they never rust and offer your patio doors a long life. Tough steel patio doors resist warping, rotting and cracking for years with little maintenance. But they are very heavy. Many manufacturers, like Window City, offer wood doors along with finishes that are available to help preserve their durability and natural beauty. Finally, anodized finishes are made of aluminum and are one of the most durable finishes available. The anodized aluminum manufacturing process is done by a using nontoxic process which results in an oxide coating that provides a surface property that is resistance to abrasion, erosion, and ultraviolet light degradation.


Patio doors are essentially windows that you walk through. As a result, understanding patio doors means understanding the glass options that make up the vast area of the doors.

Modern patio doors offer a wide range and variety of glass options.

One of the most important aspects of buying patio doors is understanding the energy efficiencies of the doors. Energy efficiency is created using a number of options for the glass.

Double or Triple Glazed Glass

Double-glazed windows have a sealed space between the two panes of glass, and the air in the space provides an added layer of insulation. Compared with a single pane, double glazing can cut heat loss nearly in half. The insulating value of triple-glazed windows is higher still, but the extra layer adds to weight and cost.

Low-E Coating

Clear glass allows large amounts of energy to pass through it, such as letting heat from the sun in summer and heat out from your house in winter. A low-E, or low emissivity, coating is a thin metallic film that minimizes the energy that passes through it. It reflects heat back into the house in winter and blocks heat from the sun in summer. The windows should be processed for different climates.

Inert Gas Filled Glass

Instead of air in the sealed space between glass panes, these windows use argon, krypton, or other inert gas. These gases are denser than air, and as a result provide far better insulation than double paned windows with regular air.

Me too

2008-01-23 15:01:40 by fedguy

All my exterior doors are steel, supposedly for better security. (Which iis crap, sicne I also have 13 3-panel sliding glass doors to theoutside!)
They are all "insulated", but must have an R-value of -1.
Anyway, I got some cork floor tiles and glued them to the inside of each of the doors. Attractive, and gives good insulation.

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