Metal Halloween Door Decorations

Halloween Haunted House Metal Wall Art or Door Decor by FunkyDot

Monster Mud is simple to make and can be applied to an unlimited list of craft projects that require some texture.

If you want to add a little more aging detail to Halloween decorations, try adding some faux moss made from dryer lint.

Make metal Halloween decorations or even home accessories look antique with a few simple paint techniques.

Monster Mud creates a textured shell over the lightweight Styrofoam that can then be made to look like a variety of materials. Recycle some of that old paint sitting in the garage because it doesn't matter what colors you use or mix together — it will be used as a base for other colors on the Styrofoam stone. The paint will help make the whatever surface you're attaching it to waterproof.) How much compound needed depends on the project. Make a large batch in a separate bucket with a lid and you can store it for months.

Mix roughly 5 parts drywall compound to 1 part paint and mix. A drywall mixer attached to a drill works best to mix large batches, but use a bowl and spoon for smaller batches.

To make the mud, add drywall compound to a bowl, and use a spoon to mix paints to create the base color (image 1). Mix the drywall compound and paint well (image 2). For a large batch, use a big bucket and mixer attachment with a drill (image 3).

If you want to add a little more aging detail to your Halloween decorations, try adding some faux moss. It will make it look as if it has been around for years and years in a dark and spooky graveyard. This recipe is quick and simple and made from materials easily obtained — recycled dryer lint.

To make faux moss, add a batch of dryer lint with some craft glue and two or more shades of green paint (image 1). With a gloved hand, gently mix the lint and liquids until all are moss-colored (image 2). The paint colors should not be mixed completely. While still wet, apply pieces of the mixture with your fingers by pressing the faux moss into the tombstone or prop surface (image 3). Let dry. If needed, dry brush some lighter green back on the moss for highlights.

Here's what I would do

2007-11-12 09:55:27 by ManhattanDreamer

Rearrange the main couch so it's back to the window, with your side table between the window and the couch, with the TV on one side (not in front); in front, put a coffee table then the smaller couch (create a comfortable circle for socialization/hobbies, conversations.)
Get a higher bookshelf unit so you don't have vast expanses of wall space above 5 foot.
Select through the pictures, put some above a console (again, so 1 or 2 of the walls have decorations to 8 foot high, instead of the horizontal band effect.)
One thing that would work would be to group by kind of frames (wood vs

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