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Metal UV Decorative Panel for kitchen Cabinet Door,View Kitchen

QuickShipMetals offers standard size brushed-horizontal stainless steel dishwasher door panels (19 1/8" H x 23 1/2" W) and standard lower panels (3 11/16" H x 23 9/16" W) that fit many models. Yet with different manufacturers sizes may vary. That's why we offer dishwasher panels custom cut to size. NOTE: QuickShipMetals' dishwasher and trash-compactor panels come with a protective PVC coating that will need to be removed.

Things to watch for on special order dishwasher panels:

1. If your dishwasher has rounded corners: QuickShipMetals only sells panels with a flat shear cut that will not fit.

2. QuickShipMetals is good but even we can't cut a custom sheet to fit around a control panel – this is better done on site with the original panel used as a pattern.

3. Always check to see which type of panel your dishwasher has. Some have removable panels, enabling a new panel to slip right into place. Others may need to be adhered to the existing panel. This can be done with the use of a High Temp Adhesive.

Once you've measured, just call 1-888-334-2177 for a quick price quote or link to our live QSM chat and text support center.

IMPORTANT! When you purchase a new dishwasher door panel, lower dishwasher panel, or a trash compactor panel, the grain direction (side-to-side or top-to-bottom) should match other stainless appliances in your kitchen. To determine your grain direction before placing your order, please download, print, fill in, and fax us a copy of this form with you order.

Oh, you're his psychic now?

2006-10-02 17:26:17 by -

Glad he has you to clarify what his brain is thinking.
"flat doors -- no curley Qs and dumb ass "country" designs. No decorative panels or anything like that."
Could easily describe shaker which is simplicity by definition as the shakers were all about functionality without frills with flat inserts in square frames.
Now if he said no door frame, then that would not include shaker. Also "modern" which means nothing.
Sounds like he might want those ultra modern italian cabinets. Of course he didn't say that or what his budget was. Most of the flat "modern" cabinets I've seen have crappy pressboard doors unless you count some refurbished metal 50's cabinets

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