Decorative Metal Door Inserts

image of cabinets with grille inserts Easy to order,easy to install ornamental insert products are perfect for new construction,remodels and renovations,or simply upgrades and home improvements

Cobblestone • Corinthian • Gothic • Missiion • New Classic • Moutain
NEW Parlour • Presidential • Royal Palm • Santa Fe • Tuscan • Vine

Cabinet Insert Grilles,plus Window and Door Insert Grilles — all made easy! • 1/8" or other thicknesses in steel,stainless steel,aluminum or wood
• 12 designs specially for cabinet door inserts,plus custom designs

Or create your own decorative insert design for any kitchen cabinet,
decorative entertainment center,ornamental speaker cover,
or window design treatment

Decorative Insert Designs are typically created using our standard “Expanded” designs which are more open patterns,allowing more visual appeal and openness.
This also reduces the production time and the cost of the product.

Bring Something New To Your Cabinets!
New homes and remodeling projects can benefit
from SteelCrest decorative inserts. Each product is custom-designed per your specifications.Architectural hardware inserts can be used on windows and entry doors

Simply select design,border width,
and color and we will do the rest.

All orders will be executed upon
approved drawing by you,the customer.

MagnetWorks MatMate Rubber Tray-Scroll Doormat
Lawn & Patio (MagnetWorks)
  • Add style and elegance to your home with optional doormat tray.
  • Re-useable heavy-duty rubber doormat tray is sold separately.
  • Insert a seasonal or holiday doormat.
  • Tray accommodates any doormat measuring 30 long by 18 wide.
  • MatMates is a registered trademark of Magnet Works Ltd.

Oh, you're his psychic now?

2006-10-02 17:26:17 by -

Glad he has you to clarify what his brain is thinking.
"flat doors -- no curley Qs and dumb ass "country" designs. No decorative panels or anything like that."
Could easily describe shaker which is simplicity by definition as the shakers were all about functionality without frills with flat inserts in square frames.
Now if he said no door frame, then that would not include shaker. Also "modern" which means nothing.
Sounds like he might want those ultra modern italian cabinets. Of course he didn't say that or what his budget was. Most of the flat "modern" cabinets I've seen have crappy pressboard doors unless you count some refurbished metal 50's cabinets

Munchkin Munchkin Easy-Close Extra Tall and Wide Metal Gate, Dark Grey
Baby Product (Munchkin)
  • Use virtually everyplace in the home – top of stairs, bottom of stairs, between rooms
  • Double-locking system on handle is easy for adults to use, but difficult for a child
  • Optional third lock at base of the gate offers extra safety
  • Door swings open in both directions and locks shut with a simple push
  • Six inches taller than most standard safety gates
Duffs Maintenance Door Stop W/handle and Carrying Case
Office Product (Duffs Doorstopper LLC)
  • Velcro nylon case will fit on any belt, door stop can be installed and removed without bending over
  • Door stop can be used from either side
  • Meets building codes in most states for door thresholds
  • Built for repetitive daily commercial or residential use
  • Base has metal insert on top, 6 long, 1 3/4 wide, low side 1/4 ; high side 1 to 1 7/8
Dicksons Large Christian Ichthus Fish with Cross "Lord God Jesus Christ Religion Symbol" Silver Religous Car Truck Motorcycle Decorative Religious Decal Sign Emblem
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Dicksons)
  • Silver finish and trim - emblem size is 5 x 1-¾ inches with peel & stick foam adhesive - can be applied to any clean flat surface -vehicles, doors, mailboxes...
  • Weatherproof finish guaranteed. Emblem is designed to last for years - strong adhesive is unaffected by sunlight, extreme temperatures or car washes
  • Easy peel and stick application - requires no special tools - emblem will remain securely in place on any flat surface indoors or out
  • Wonderful way to display your faith or give as a gift item
  • Brand new, top quality, product
John Louis Home John Louis Home JLH-522 Standard 12-Inch Depth Closet Shelving System, Honey Maple
Home (John Louis Home)
  • Solid wood closet shelving system with 12-inch depth and honey maple finish--great for bedroom, pantry, linen, laundry room or foyer closets
  • Wall mounted; sized for reach-in and small walk-in closets--fits up to a 10-foot closet
  • Provides up to 24 feet of shelf space and 18 feet of hanging space; ventilated for air circulation
  • Open-sided tower shelves; wood garment bar; all-metal hardware with decorative satin nickel finish
  • Includes multiple configuration options with easy to follow installation manual

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