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Traditionally, garage doors have been principally constructed from two materials: wood and steel. However, you may find that wood requires too much maintenance, but plain steel is too dull for your taste. In this case, you may be interested in combining the strength of metal with the decorative beauty of something more than steel. You might wish to consider a metal clad garage door.

Cladding is a process by which one material is bound to another. With garage doors, this means that you can combine the strength of a steel frame with different, more attractive metal for the outer surface, such as the burnished, glowing appearance of copper. If you are interested in learning more about the countless possibilities offered by cladding, please contact a knowledgeable Austin metal clad garage door specialist from Cowart Door Systems today at 512-459-3467.

What is Metal Cladding?

During the cladding process, dissimilar metals can be glued together under high pressure and heat as well as a method called extrusion. This allows you to “marry” two different metals, such as combining the durability of steel with the lightness of aluminum. When it comes to garage doors, metal cladding can help you find a perfect combination of strength and lightness, durability and beauty.

Cladding for Garage Doors

The metal cladding process can also help you put decorative metal panels on a strong steel or aluminum frame. For instance, while copper may be too soft to be a garage door material by itself, it can add a lovely warmth to your home if clad to a stronger frame. You can also have metal sheets decorated with specific patterns before having the clad to your basic garage door frame.

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Metal clad garage doors are beautiful as well as unique, and they can be a perfect fit for both traditional- and contemporary-style homes. For more information regarding the finest Austin metal clad garage doors, contact Cowart Door Systems at 512-459-3467 today.

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Your fireplace is that big.
If you install the insert, will you use it, or will it just sit there? I can't imagine anyone wanting a stove insert for "decoration" but everyone has their own tastes.
There are a gazillion different styles and colors of decorative sheet metal. If you install the insert, you could use something like that to fill the gaps.
If you want doors, then a glass/metal combination on a rustic-style fireplace will look stupid... so you'd have to spend a good bit for custom doors.

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