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Chelsea Metal Ceiling Company is a major source for tin ceilings. Glenn Eldridge, known as "The Tinman, " has been in the business for 30 years, like his father before him. Originally from New York City, where he learned installation, Glenn moved to Texas, which is centrally located in the country and sells tin ceilings throughout the world.

Architects and designers specify pressed-tin ceilings, not only for the elegance they add, but because of other qualities they provide: resistance to moisture, mildew, and vermin; fire retardation; and resistance to cracking.

Most people remember tin ceilings in their childhood and see them in use today commercially. But the use in homes varies widely: Besides ceilings, they are used behind wood stoves, for backsplashes, as wainscotting and wall coverings, and even in cabinet doors.

The embossed metal from Chelsea is a tin-plated steel, which has excellent paint retention for oil-based paint. The sheets come 2 ft. x 4 ft. for easy installation (great for the do-it-yourselfer); it's also available in 2-ft.-x-2-ft. sheets for suspended ceilings. The designs range from Art Deco to Victorian styles and come in 3-, 6-, 12-, and 24-in. repeat patterns. Cornices are also available in 4-ft. lengths; the widths vary from 2 to 9 in.

Chelsea's salespeople are quite familiar with the installation process and welcome any questions regarding tin ceilings. Catalogs are available by writing, or you can call or Fax us.

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Then you have to spend some money if

2011-11-27 11:49:57 by -

Your fireplace is that big.
If you install the insert, will you use it, or will it just sit there? I can't imagine anyone wanting a stove insert for "decoration" but everyone has their own tastes.
There are a gazillion different styles and colors of decorative sheet metal. If you install the insert, you could use something like that to fill the gaps.
If you want doors, then a glass/metal combination on a rustic-style fireplace will look stupid... so you'd have to spend a good bit for custom doors.

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