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Double iron entry doors are becoming the most popular entry style in today's newer homes. Most residential new construction specifies larger entries which requires the installation of these larger doors. The single front door with or without sidelights is being seen less and less. Most homeowners are opting for the style and versitility of a double front door.

Double iron entry doors are an excellent choice for:

  • New Construction
  • Replacement of wood double doors
  • Replacement of single wood doors and side lights
  • Replacement of inferior iron door installations

Custom and Decorative Iron Exterior Double Doors

Tuscan Iron Entries is an Iron Door company. Our main offerings include: Iron Entry Doors, Double Iron Doors, Imported Iron Doors and Custom Iron Doors for new construction or home improvement and remodeling projects.

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Summer Infant Sure and Secure 6 Foot Metal Expansion Gate
Baby Product (Summer Infant, Inc.)
  • Fits openings 44to 72 , 106cm to 183cm and stands 30 , 76cm tall
  • Secure hardware mounted design, great for double doorways and extra-wide openings
  • One-handed stylish arched walk thru door
  • 4 extensions included
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Three language packaging

Then you have to spend some money if

2011-11-27 11:49:57 by -

Your fireplace is that big.
If you install the insert, will you use it, or will it just sit there? I can't imagine anyone wanting a stove insert for "decoration" but everyone has their own tastes.
There are a gazillion different styles and colors of decorative sheet metal. If you install the insert, you could use something like that to fill the gaps.
If you want doors, then a glass/metal combination on a rustic-style fireplace will look stupid... so you'd have to spend a good bit for custom doors.

Dial Industries Everything boot and storage tray
Lawn & Patio (Dial Industries)
  • Raised one inch lip contains messes and keeps your floor clean.
  • Use as a pet food tray to keep floors free of food and water messes.
  • Also great for capturing excess debris under a litter box.
  • Usable storage space measures 26 1/2 inches wide x 13 inches deep.
  • Pattern of waved ridges allow footwear to thoroughly drip dry.
Umbra Magnetic Pushpin Bulletin Board
Home (Umbra)
  • Modern, industrial bulletin board
  • Constructed of perforated metal
  • Clever design accommodates both pushpins and magnets; 12 pushpins and 12 magnets included
  • Size: 15 by 21 by 1/2-inch
  • Patented design by Erik Man
Regalo Regalo Easy Open 52 Inch Super Wide Walk Thru Gate - White
Baby Product (Regalo)
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Perfect for pets too
  • This gate expands from 29 to 52
  • Lever style handle offers an easy one touch release
  • Made up of sturdy and durable all steel construction
Decor Grates Decor Grates AJH410-RB Oriental Floor Register, Rubbed Bronze, 4-Inch by 10-Inch
Home Improvement (Decor Grates)
  • Rust proof damper body with easy air flow control
  • Easy to install
  • Crafted for long trouble free operation
  • Classic design
  • Non metallic damper controls airflow

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