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Wrought Iron Entry Doors

All our wrought iron entry doors in Phoenix are custom built, ensuring a perfect fit for your home; we do not stock pre-fabricated doors. You have the option of choosing from our many designs, or working with our house designer on a custom design that is uniquely yours. We have so many designs that could fit any style of your home. We also offer the option of a ‘step frame’ system that eliminates the hassle and cost of you having an additional contractor out to your home to finish out the rough edges of the stucco and drywall around the door. It also gives the exterior door a grand and impressive look while providing security for your home or business.

At Allied Gate Company, high quality is our priority. Our products are available for residential and high-production tract home fabrication and installation, but we still treat each product as if it was our own. This ensures that each of our customers gets the highest quality custom wrought iron entry doors every single time. We strive to make sure that every one of our customers is happy, and since high quality is our top priority, we know you will be satisfied with your results.

Included in the cost of your metal entry door: your choice of dual pane tempered glass patterns, your choice of powder coat colors, decorative thumb latch hardware, steel threshold, and dual rubber sweeps.

All our custom Phoenix iron entry doors are constructed using 120 wall steel and 5/8″ hand bent square tube. We fabricate our doors with a seamless, one piece construction for strength; ease of installation and to seal against insects and weather. We use heavy duty barrel hinges welded to the door ensuring it is not only beautiful, but secure.

Our glass frames are flush mounted, nothing sticks out the back, and hinged for ventilation as well as ease in cleaning.

To see our design and photo catalog, please see below.

2007-05-07 19:20:03 by slimline

This website is great.
Domes are cheap to heat but:
They are hard to put a roof on. Tremendous waste when using conventional materials like asphalt shingles or metal roofing.
They are hard to get a window or door in. Doors will need what amounts to a dormer and windows too or custom ordered triangles.
Actually, conventional building techniques using standard framing 24 inches on center with lumber and sheathing are pretty green. Keep the house square and put a 5 in 12 hip roof on it. Put the bedrooms on the north, the kitchen on the southeast and the living room on the southwest to maximize natural light

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