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Need ideas for custom metal art-nouveau door-handle designs? Our makers created thousands of pictures that you can use to inspire your own ideas for a perfect door-handle design. Exhibited in this gallery is the leading online collection of handmade metal art-nouveau door-handle that you can order custom from an expert maker. A metal art-nouveau door-handle will get a "wow" reaction every time; customized metal work used in art-nouveau style completes each individual door-handle. Each example of art-nouveau door-handle in metal can be custom ordered from an extraordinary craftsperson, to actualize the customer's design concept. Custom metal art-nouveau door-handle options are just one phone call away; the time has come to place your custom order and delight in the finished product. Message the maker of your favorite example here to find out about customizing your own custom made art-nouveau metal door-handle - you deserve it...

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Oh no. 7 years bad luck...and a question!

2004-06-17 09:37:31 by broken--

I have mirrored medicine cabinet doors that were custom made (not by me, the current owner). They are about 14" wide by 3' tall. One of them just cracked across the line where the knob is so I need to replace the mirror. I can see where I take the door off (standard euro fixture). The mirror itself seems to be affixed to a metal frame. I would need to drill a hole for the knob. Can anyone tell me if this is something I can do myself? I have no idea what glued the mirror to the there something I can remove it with? And do I need a special drillbit for the knob hole? Or should I just

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