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FF7BSSTB by Summit in Lancaster, NY - Commercial all-refrigerator

Commercial DoorsDBCI's commercial-grade steel curtain roll-up doors are designed and manufactured for strength and durability. Our roll-up doors are the backbone of our business. Whether you are a door dealer or metal building contractor, we have the commercial roll-up doors to satisfy your needs.

DBCI's commercial doors use heavy-duty brackets made of .250-thick angle. Our commercial doors also have a high-cycle spring life and continuous-duty design. The commercial doors are wind load tested in accordance with IBC, FBC and TDI. DBCI's steel curtain roll-up doors are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. We have a variety of models and colors available from which to choose. Our commercial doors have electric motor capabilities and multiple mounting options including steel, wood, masonry and concrete.

DBCI's commercial doors are manufactured with hard, Grade E steel ensuring strength and durability. A siliconized polyester finish replaces older polyester paint finishes, which are recognizable by severe chalking and fading from direct contact with UV rays. DBCI steel curtain roll-up doors are coated with a silicon polyester paint highly resistant to UV light rays allowing some colors a warranty of up to 25 years.

A.C.E. Guides System
The A.C.E. (Advanced Curtain Engagement) guide system has been designed to benefit DBCI's customers. Some of the benefits include universal mounting options, increased durability, excellent performance and ease of installation. Through countless hours in the design room, DBCI has created one of the most advanced rolling sheet door guide systems in the industry.

Axle-Drum Assembly
DBCI's commercial door axles and drums are manufactured with industrial-grade steel. The door drums are designed and engineered specifically for commercial application to ensure product integrity, long life and high-capacity use. Steel ball bearings are preferable to nylon or plastic bushings, which can disintegrate under heavy use.

Vision Panel
Constructed of a translucent flexible polycarbonate, the 5" x 17" vision panel allows light entry and provides outside visibility. The white 20-gauge frame is pop-riveted and is normally installed approximately 55" from the floor. The location and number of panels per door is limited.

Springs are the most critical mechanical component of a steel curtain roll-up door. For maximum reliability, DBCI uses only oil-tempered torsion-type springs for its commercial grade steel curtain roll up doors. Coordinating the design of a roll-up door with the proper spring assembly ensures longer and more durable use with minimal maintenance required. In independent tests, DBCI's commercial-grade steel curtain roll-up door exceeded 40, 000 openings and closings before any maintenance was required. Although there is no such thing as a maintenance-free door, at DBCI we engineer our roll-up doors to be maintenance-simple: easily visible for inspection and accessibility.

Panasonic Panasonic NE-1022F "NSF" Approved 0.8 cuft Stainless Steel Commercial Microwave Oven, 1,000 Watts
Kitchen (Panasonic)
  • Heavy duty commercial grade microwave for full and quick applications of food preparation; nsf qualified
  • 1 watts of output power and 0.8cubic feet cavity and stainless steel face
  • Easy to program with 6-minute timer with 15-second increments; bottom energy feed for cooking efficiency
  • Grab & go handles for fast and durable use; see through oven door with interior oven lamp
  • Measures 16 9/16-inch (l) x 20 1/8-inch (w) x 12-inch (h), 34 lbs., stainless front and wrap.

The 3 factors that nobody has mentioned that

2012-03-12 18:59:46 by are_THE_most_

Critically important factors when choosing exterior door materials are:
If your entry door has no overhang or awning keeping sun and rain off of it, or faces south or west, or is going to be painted/finished a dark color, don't even think about a wooden door...many companies won't even warranty wood doors with that kind of exposure anyway.
Steel doors are OK except they can rust so aren't the best choice at the beach or very damp areas...and inexpensive ones are often so thinly clad that they dent with the tiniest amount of pressure

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