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Glass door refrigerators allow the user to quickly identify the contents for restocking or purchasing decisions in commercial foodservice establishments. Many establishments place refrigerators with glass doors in the front-of-house for customer self-service. Upright glass door refrigerators serve the same purpose as solid door refrigerators, but they are more stylish and user-friendly. Glass door units come with either swinging or sliding doors. Choosing between each type is a matter of personal preference, but sliding doors can eliminate congestion issues since the door will not block any walkways. In addition to the standard reach-in refrigerators, also offers pass-thru models that have doors on both sides for the maximum in versatility.

When selecting a model to suit your specific needs, be sure to take the compressor location into consideration. The glass door refrigerator’s compressor will be located on either the top or bottom of the unit. Each position comes with some benefits and drawbacks. Bottom-mounted compressors reduce bending strain on employees’ and customers’ backs because the bottom shelf is higher off the ground. However, every time the door is opened, some of the hot air from the compressor may flow into the cabinet. This problem is eliminated when the compressor is on the top of the unit. Top-mounted compressors increase efficiency since the hot air will not drift into the refrigerated cavity.

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NSF is no longer the law

2003-09-13 10:47:47 by 1gus

NSF is a standard, but not the law anymore. I fyou can prove that it is washable, and commercial grade, you can use it. It does have to be on wheels, or 6 inches off the ground on round metal legs. There is no law against glass door refrigerators (who told you that?) for food. Oviously, markets would have a tough time selling their frozen products through solid doors.

Brita Slim Water Filter Pitcher
Kitchen (Brita)
  • Slim water pitcher with filter from Brita
  • Filter uses an ion resin exchange to reduce lead, copper, mercury, cadmium, zinc, and other impurities from drinking water
  • Pitcher fits into refrigerator door shelves for compact storage; ideal for a single person or small family household
  • Filters should be changed every 40 gallons or 2 months; do not use with microbiologically unsafe water
  • Capacity: five 8-ounce glasses of filtered water
Prime-Line Products (Home Improvement) Prime-Line Products U 9877 Sliding Door Lock, Step-on, Aluminum Finish
Home Improvement (Prime-Line Products (Home Improvement))
  • Painted diecast housing with hardened steel bolt
  • Convenient foot operation
  • Securely locks door in closed or ventilating position
  • Easy to install Display Cases at Factory Direct 144 Shot Glass Display Case Holder Cabinet Shadow Box, Hinged Door, Solid Wood, Mahogany Finish (SC16-MAH)
Kitchen ( Display Cases at Factory Direct)
  • Made from solid wood
  • Hinged 98% UV Protection ACRYLIC door to prevent dust and protect.
  • Wall Mountable with Metal brackets on the Back
  • Felt interior background
  • No assembly required, comes in one piece

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