Commercial metal Exit Doors

Entry_Door_Mulit_Image Commercial Entry Doors,Frames & Hardware

Installation of Doors,Frames & Hardware

MCD can install virtually any type of frame or door that you may require. We will also demo out existing openings for installation of new doors and frames. All types of door hardware can be installed including locks,electrical locks,closers,panic devices and even thresholds,weather-stripping,flush bolts and more!

Field Survey & Technical Expertise

MCD provides technical solitions for any openings that are in need of repair or are not compliant with building and safety codes. Our professionals will provide you with several suggestions and choices.

Repair and Rework of Doors & Frames

Including cutting in hardware preps for hinges,locks,panic devices,flush bolts,cut out lite kits and move or change locations for hardware preps. We can change the handing on frames as well as perform hardware preps.

Complete Door Management

The complete door management system includes the wood or metal frame and door,and all hardware components. We have expanded our focus and capability to encompass electronic access control and security of the door opening.metal_doors_with_border.109102850_largeOur field service technicians can install,repair,and adjust the total door opening.

Commercial Entry Door Solutions Include repair and replacement of:

  • Entry and Exit Doors - including Hollow Metal Doors,Insulated Metal Doors,FRP Doors,Automatic Doors
  • Door Frames – including Hollow Metal Frames,FRP Frames
  • Wood Doors - including Solid Core,Hollow Core,Pre-finished,Laminated Doors
  • Traffic Doors and Bi-fold type Doors
  • Lead-lined Doors and Hospital Specialty Doors
  • Hinges - Continuous,Pivot,Non-removable Pin,Spring,etc
  • Exit Devices, Panic Devices,Surface or Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Devices
  • Surface Closers,Concealed Closers,Overhead Stops
  • Locksets,Deadbolts,Cylinders Push/Pulls Strikes
  • Kick Plates,Armor Plates
  • Weather Stripping,Thresholds,Sweeps,Auto Door Bottoms,Drip Caps
  • Mag Locks,Electric Strikes,Flush Bolts

MCD’s Facility Solutions Team,works exclusively with end user and wholesale customers.

This market requires a different level of expertise and service capability and MCD’s Facility Solutions Team responds to your needs with that in mind. Those times when you need someone to come to you,MCD has a complete,well-trained field service team. Capable of virtually any work you may require at your site,our field service brings MCD’s quality to you.


Global Door Controls Global TH1100EDTBARAL Push Bar Panic Exit Device, Aluminum Finish
Home Improvement (Global Door Controls)
  • Reversible, non-handed
  • For use with standard 1.75 inch thick doors
  • U.L. Listed Panic Hardware

Why don't you get 2 other quotes?

2007-04-06 11:08:05 by -ha-

Why doesn't anybody get it? You don't get 3 quotes just to get a low bid, you get them for comparison.
I don't know what grade of door hardware you got, but commercial is pricey, although I do think $2k is very steep. If they were replacing the doors, that may seem reasonable for commercial grade metal double doors.

Mighty Mule Mighty Mule FM141 150-Feet Gate Opening Wand Sensor
Home Improvement (Mighty Mule)
  • The 150-Feet gate opening sensor comes with a wand sensor and a 150-Feet wire that connects directly to the control box
  • The Gate Opening Sensor is buried beside the driveway on the inside of the property, and picks up a magnetic field within a 12-Foot radius of the wand sensor
  • When mass metal in motion (motorcycle, 4-wheeler, car or truck) passes within range of the wand sensor, a message is sent to the control box to open the gate
  • The gate opening sensor eliminates the need to be within remote control range in order to trigger the gate to open
Cooper Lighting All Pro Outdoor Security MSLED100 100-Degree LED Motion-Activated Solar Light, Black
Home Improvement (Cooper Lighting)
  • 100-Degree Motion sensor detects motion up to 23-Feet
  • Durable, weather-resistant plastic construction
  • Installs easily with no wiring necessary
  • Built in solar panel
  • Includes three Ni-MH rechargeable AA batteries
Kodicam Electric ~ Magnetic Door Lock Kit With Wireless Buzz-In Remotes (600LBS. ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE) Complete Mag Lock System With Remote Control Set & Seco-Larm Enforcer Keyed Switch
Photography (Kodicam)
  • Electric ~ Magnetic Door Lock Kit With Low Power Consuption
  • Mag Lock Includes 2 Channel Expandable Wireless Buzz-In Remotes
  • Faster & Easier Set-up Than Electric Strike Sets ~ 600LBS. Magnetic Force & Remote Controls
  • Electromagnetic Lock System Provides Secure Door Traffic Control
  • Electronic Keyless Door Lock Hardware Kit Includes Seco-Larm Enforcer Keyed Switch & Everything You Need!

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