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Please read these instructions carefully and completely before attempting to install your pet door; they will guide you through the steps and precautions needed for a wall installation. Photos and illustrations have been added to help our customers understand various instructions. To reach an experienced installer for free consultation, please call 1-888-293-6411. Hale Pet Doors are designed for ease of installation and are ideal for masonry or wood framed homes. Any person with a working knowledge of power tools and basic home construction can install the Hale Pet Door. It is important to note however, that the product warranty may be affected if returns have been modified in any way other than specified by these instructions. The door must be properly installed and caulked to prevent moisture from entering your walls. If you have questions or problems, please call us or contact us a professional in your area.

NOTE: These instructions are written for wood or metal stud framed wall installation. Your Hale Pet Door™ "wall model" can also be installed in any brick or block wall construction and with exterior brick, stucco, or siding. If you need technical assistance with these types of installations, please call the above number.

Always wear eye protection and gloves when appropriate.

Step 1: Before installation, be sure that you have the proper size pet door for your pet. If in doubt larger is better. It may be harmful for your pet to use a pet door that is too small. A good general rule is to install the pet door so that the distance from the floor to the top of the passage opening is even or above the shoulder of your largest pet. Remember that there will be a short tunnel for your pet to navigate. You don’t want them to have to crawl through or hunch over as this can hurt an animal’s hips.

Step 2: Take a brief look at the large illustration of the wall model and become familiar with various components of the pet door wall model. This will not only help in understanding the terms used in these instructions but can be very useful should you need to call for technical support.

Step 3: Check the package you received to make sure that it contains all the necessary parts.

Complete Kit includes:

Hale Pet Door™ wall model (includes inner frame with attached tunnel and outer frame)
Olefin nylon carpet
King Starboard® Security Cover
Raincap included but use is optional

5/8” #6 Phillips Head Screws
7/64” drill bit

Tools you may need: (will vary depending on the type of wall into which you are installing the pet door)

Drop Cloths
Circular saw with wood or masonry blade
Drywall saw
Electric drill
5/16” masonry bit
24” level
Blue masking tape
Caulk gun
Tin snips
Stud finder
Tape measure
Reciprocating saw

Step 4: Find a suitable area for your wall model. Most wall models have a vertical lifting security cover (side loaded cover models are available as needed). Make sure the area has no obstructions to hinder the removal of this cover. For installation in a framed wall, try to place the pet door between studs; a stud finder makes finding stud locations easy. Mark the stud locations and if possible, center the pet door between the studs. Look at the preferred location from both the inside and outside of the wall for signs that wiring, cable or plumbing may be inside the wall. Keep in mind upstairs bathrooms may have plumbing in the lower level walls.

CAUTION: Cutting a power line leading to an outlet or light switch or hitting a plumbing pipe with power tools can result in severe injury or death. If you have any doubts about installation placement or about your skill level in tackling this project, please call us or contact a professional in your area.

Studs in an exterior wall should be 16" on center, giving you 14" of room between studs.

Step 5: Lay down drop cloths on both sides of the wall where you will be installing your pet door to make for easier cleanup after installation. You may also wish to tape the interior drop cloth to the baseboard with blue masking tape. This will help prevent any debris from falling into the crack between the drop cloth and the carpet.

Putting down drop cloths before you start makes cleanup easier.

NOTE: You may wish to reverse steps 6 and 7. Pencil marks can be difficult to remove from walls and you may wish to cut a small hole in the wall to check for obstructions before you draw the entire pattern.

Step 6: Draw a pattern on the inside wall according to your pet door size with a pencil. Wall openings are listed below according to pet door size. For special size pet doors the opening may be determined by measuring the tunnel. Make sure your opening is square and level.

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