Sanding metal door frames

A sanding block applies even pressure over surfaces and increases speed and efficiency. A sanding block applies even pressure over surfaces and increases speed and efficiency.

Using the proper succession of gritted sandpaper can make sanding a door frame a relatively smooth process. Begin with a coarser paper to remove large imperfections quickly and move up through the finer grains to buff out smaller scratches and to make the surface smooth. The entire project can take a few hours, depending on the follow-up work you plan to do. Repainting a surface may require only a simple sanding of the old glossy finish, while staining requires the presence of bare wood free of any scratches.

1Lay down newspaper or a drop cloth around the work area. Put on a respirator or face mask to prevent inhaling particles while sanding.

2Sand the door frame with medium-grade (80-120 grit) sandpaper until the paint is removed, deep scratches are gone or the door opens and closes easily on the interior portion of the frame, if the door was sticking. If the frame is relatively smooth, start with 100-grit.

3Sand the door frame with fine-grade (150-180-grit) sandpaper to remove scratches created by the medium-grit sandpaper.

4Sand with very fine-grade (220-240-grit) sandpaper to create a smooth finish on the wood frame.

5Wipe the wood frame with a tack cloth to remove all dust.

Things You Will Need

  • Newspaper or drop cloth
  • Respirator
  • Medium-, fine- and very fine-grade sandpaper


  • Always sand wood in the direction of the grain, but to remove deep scratches, work the medium-grit sandpaper up to a 45-degree angle against the grain. Resume sanding in the direction of the grain for a finer-grit sandpaper.
  • Use a sanding block, if preferred, for evenly distributed pressure while sanding. Change the sandpaper when it becomes smooth.
  • Sanding with a very fine sandpaper (200-grit) is necessary if you plan to use water-based stain on the frame. Water-based stains can highlight scratches, which can be sanded out with the very fine sandpaper.

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