Metal Door Frames Dimensions

VO-3300, Sensitive Security Archway Metal Detector, Door frame

Hollow Metal Masonry Frames

Schuham offers a complete line of Curries flush frames in 16 Ga. cold-rolled steel. Frames can be purchased knocked down or welded and ground smooth. Frames are manufactured for all wall conditions such as masonry, steel, stud, wood stud and poured concrete. Frame sizes are available to match door sizes, in any combination of singles or paired. Nonstandard width or height frames are available on special order.

Stock profile sizes in 16 gauge

4-3/4", 5-3/4", 6", 6-1/2", 6-3/4", 7-1/4", 8-1/4", 8-3/4"

Handing - The Rules for Handing a Door

  • The hand of a door is always determined from the outside.
  • The outside of an exterior door is the street or entrance side.
  • The outside of an auditorium door is the corridor or hall side.
  • The outside of a room door is the corridor or hall side.
  • The outside of a closet door is the room, corridor or hall side.
  • The outside of a single communicating door is the side of which the butts are invisible when the door is closed.
  • The outside of twin communicating doors is the space between the two doors.

Stock frame:

Width from 2'0" to 4'0" Height: 6'8" – 8'0"



Anchors Types/Wall Condition

U.L. Specifications

There are no hourly ratings for a basic fire frame, unless the labeling on the frame specifically states that the frame is rated for something less than 3 hours. Frames used in masonry walls may be used with a maximum 3 hour fire door.

Manufacturer Locations

Lead Times

Knock down masonry frames can be ready same day. All welded three sided frames have an approximate 2-3 day lead time. All other frames require a quote with a minimum of 5 day lead time. Custom frames can be built to fit any dimension. Please call for a drawing and quote.

Installed a door with frame?

2006-07-02 08:59:02 by ---

I need to replace my front door and am thinking about buying one from Home Depot that is metal but looks like wood. The door is about $215 but the installation is $375, so I would obviously prefer to install it myself or at least get a handyman to do it. But it looks like the door comes with a frame already around it, so installing it is not just hanging it on the hinges. In fact, I have no idea how to go about installing it. I'm not sure if the frame part is wood or metal.
Has anyone installed one of these Home Depot doors or a similar one? Can you point me to a website or how-to book that could explain how it's done? Thanks in advance.

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