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Everyone likes to make an entrance, and interior doors not only enhance privacy and keep closet storage hidden, but they add to enhancing the design of your home interior. To determine what type of door is best for you and your needs, consider where the door will be placed, how often the door will be used and whether blocking noise is of importance.

What types of doors are available? Interior doors are usually available as standard hinge doors, bypass doors, folding doors or pocket doors. Standard hinge doors are ideal for closing off rooms as they shut securely and block noise. Bypass doors can add a stylish touch to closets and don’t impede on space. Both closets and pantries can benefit from the easy access of folding doors. In areas where standard hinge doors won’t have room to swing out, pocket doors, which tuck into the wall, may be a good solution. What style door should you consider? To begin, you need to choose whether you want a prehung door or a slab door. Also consider a french door style for your internal door. Prehung doors include the jamb and frame, and are easy to install. Slab doors are designed to utilize your existing jamb and trim and are more affordable. For a traditional look, choose a stile-and-rail door that features wood or glass panels sectioned off by horizontal and vertical rails and stiles. Made of wood veneer or hardboard, affordable flush doors feature flat surfaces.

What types of materials should you think about? To determine material, think about the use of the doors as well as whether you want them to block noise. For a lightweight option in low-traffic areas that will filter noise, try hollow core doors. For a sturdier door that will block noise, consider a solid core door. If you’d prefer something other than wood, you can find flush doors constructed in masonite or hardboard.

What should you consider in terms of installation? To correctly install a door, you need to keep in mind the required door swing and handle placement as well as the door’s measurement. To determine the door swing and handle placement, face a door that swing towards you. If the handle is on the left side, it is a left-hand door and vice versa. To figure out an appropriate size, measure the top, middle and bottom of the doorway, as well as top to bottom. Then figure out a rough opening size by adding 2” to the width and 3” to the height.

What features might add to your interior doors? Block noise more effectively by choosing an insulated door that will dampen sound. Or choose a fire-resistant door to increase safety in your home. For decorative elements, consider adding mirrors or colorful panels to doors.

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Salamander Designs Salamander Synergy 237 A/V Cabinet with Three Doors -Walnut/Black
Home Theater (Salamander Designs)
  • Perforated Steel Door panels allow speaker sound and remote control signals to pass through while also ventilating your components
  • Removable rear panels allow easy access cable access
  • Interior shelves mount anywhere on aluminum posts, providing infinite shelf adjustability
  • Constructed of the finest materials, including genuine hardwood and anodized aluminum, in a range of fine finishes
  • Assembly of stand required

Oh, you're his psychic now?

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Glad he has you to clarify what his brain is thinking.
"flat doors -- no curley Qs and dumb ass "country" designs. No decorative panels or anything like that."
Could easily describe shaker which is simplicity by definition as the shakers were all about functionality without frills with flat inserts in square frames.
Now if he said no door frame, then that would not include shaker. Also "modern" which means nothing.
Sounds like he might want those ultra modern italian cabinets. Of course he didn't say that or what his budget was. Most of the flat "modern" cabinets I've seen have crappy pressboard doors unless you count some refurbished metal 50's cabinets

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