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Commercial and Industrial Steel Doors

Standard hollow metal doors are 18 gage cold rolled steel, prime coat painted and 1 3/4″ thick. Doors are mortised and reinforced for 1 1⁄2″ pair of 4 1⁄2″ full mortise hinges (2 pair for 8’0″ doors).commercial-hollow-metal-doors Class “A” thru “E” Underwriter’s labels (Fire Rated) available. Prepared for cylindrical lock (Gov’t 161) or mortise lock (Gov’t 86).custom-steel-doors1 Inactive doors are prepared for mortise flush bolts, and ASA 4 7⁄8″ strike.

Hollow Metal Door Frames

Standard frames are 16 gage cold-rolled steel and come knocked down or welded and ground smooth. Frames are manufactured to accommodate any wall condition, including masonry, steel and wood stud.custom hollow metal frames & doors A wide variety of frame anchors are available. Stock sizes: 2’0″ to 4’0″ – Height 6’8″ to 8’0″

Custom Hollow Metal Frames and Doors

TruDoor fabricates custom hollow metal frames and doors to fit any size opening, including borrowed lite, sidelite and transom frames of any profile. Frames are available in virtually any jamb depth or profile and can be welded and ground smooth or made as knocked down frames. Doors can be prepped for any type of hardware application, lites and louvers. Louver inserts and glass, including Fire Lite glass available.

• Available in 16, 14 and 12 gage • Glazing beads and screws provided for Lite and Transom Frames • Glass provided for Lite and Transom Frames • Steel Panels provided for Transom Frames • Fire Rated Borrowed Lite, Sidelite and Transom Frames available in limited sizes.

You are an idiot

2010-07-08 09:05:48 by --

commercial not a form of alt housing since its not designed, intended, leased or permitted for any housing purpose whatsoever
Using a space that was never designed or intended to be used as a residential space- like shipping containers, large industrial tanks and silos, aircraft parts, is a HUGE part of what constitutes "alternative housing", not to mention all of the buildings like fire stations, schools, factories, etc. that are used as alternative residential spaces.
is there a kitchen? a shower? safety features required for dwellings? no.

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